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Guides for Registering to PupilPath

In addition to Google Classroom, we use PupilPath to record student academic performance. Student grades on homework, in-class assignments, examinations, and formal assessments, cumulative grades, transcript records, and other information are available.
To register for PupilPath, it is best to use the Application on the App Store or Google Play since you can register without needing a registration code.
Below is the instruction on how to register.
For Instruction on registering for PupilPath on the computer:
To register for PupilPath on the computer, you will need the following information:
School: 06M463 - High School for Media & Communications
Student ID: (Can be found on your child's ID card
Date of Birth:
Registration Code:
To request a registration code, please reach out to your child Guidance Counselor or Parent Coordinator. Their contact information can be found below: 
Elizabeth Payero
9th Grade Bilingual Guidance Counselor
E-Mail: or
Charity J. Gonzalez
10th Grade Guidance Counselor
Reyes Difre
11th & 12th Grade Guidance Counselor
Dersa Gonzalez
Parent Coordinator
Step-by-step videos in both English and Spanish can be found below: