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Our Vision

We believe that a quality education is every student’s right.  At the High School for Media and Communications, this is characterized by:

  • A curriculum that is rigorous, well-rounded and includes Advanced Placement classes.

  • Interdisciplinary studies that focus on theme-based multi-media projects.

  • Opportunities for acquiring technological competence.

  • An emphasis on media and communication arts.  Specific courses of study include:  journalism, theater, film, creative writing, visual art, speech, graphic design, Photoshop, STEM, and computer technology.

  • Opportunities for students to apply and extend their learning beyond the classroom to serve and improve their community.

  • Students exploring career and college options available to them.

  • Student-centered teaching practices that focus on inquiry and cooperative learning.

  • A team approach that will include common meeting time, case conferencing, and academic planning.

  • Parental and community involvement.

  • As a Community School we are committed to leveraging community resources and opportunities to address the needs of our students and their families.

  • Partnerships and collaborations with colleges, universities, local organizations, and members of the public and private sectors.