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Welcome to the English and English as a New Language Department


Our Department’s Vision

In our English Language Arts (ELA) and English as a New Language (ENL) courses, we strive to cultivate the reading and writing skills needed for college success and responsible civic engagement. Our rigorous instructional program focuses on the development of students’ literacy, language proficiency, and critical thinking skills with an emphasis on reading, writing, vocabulary and discussion using details and evidence from the text. These opportunities strengthen our scholars’ unique voices so they can tell their own stories, as well as the stories of others in their community, using various platforms such as new media. As a result, our students will be empowered and successful in their 21st century college and career opportunities.


Students are required to earn 8-credits of English Language Arts and pass the ELA Regents examination to fulfill high school graduation requirements in NY State. In addition to the core classes in grades 9-12, students can also take Advanced Placement English Language and Composition and Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition. Elective courses include: Journalism, Media Production, and History of Film and TV.