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Science Department mission statement:


The HSMC Science Department’s mission is to provide a safe, positive, and encouraging

learning community where students of any background can foster their innate curiosity and learn skills that enable them to think critically, inquire openly, investigate scientific problems, analyze data, and understand the workings of the natural world.  Students engage in rigorous academic activities and quality hands-on laboratory experiences aligned with the New York State Standards.



Our Expectation:


Our goal is to present science as a rational and systematic process which involves observation, experimentation, analysis, reading, writing, and communicating findings to others.  We strive to produce scientifically literate students who are capable of realizing the necessity and practicality of science. It is through inquiry that students are able to view science as an interdisciplinary study which is applicable to society and life in general.  Students have the opportunity to develop and apply scientific knowledge and skills in Living Environment, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics, and AP Biology.