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Cracked Mirror - 2018

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No Description Available. Shelcy Carrasco Albert Casilla Kevin Farrell Larry Flowers Rafael Luna Ashley Mendoza Angelica O’Connor Elijah Valentin Catherine Velez
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  • 2:56 A Cannibal Story

    Inside the library class is in session. One student is asked to get papers for the teacher, when he comes back he starts to eat one by one the rest of the students. Finally one cannibal eats the other one. When the bell sounds, Jeremy wakes up in the library, the two cannibals are there reading. They walk Jeremy out kindly. When they turn on his backs we see the blood on their hands.

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  • 3:27 Sleepy Head - 2019

    Girl1 has home problems. She cannot sleep well at home so she’s always tired and always late in class. A teacher gives her the last opportunity to be on time or she’ll be suspended, but she falls asleep again, she runs to the class but she bumps with another girl. They start to fight. Girl3 tries to break it up the fight. The three girls go to the principal to talk and he gives them a pass to go late to the class.

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  • 4:02 A Dragon Story

    A New Girl comes to the school. She feels unwelcome. When period ends, new girl takes a pill and leaves the class. Other day New Girl is in the bathroom and debating on taking her pills. In the class she starts to feels bad and tries to return to the bathroom for her pills. In the hallway sees a big dragon coming towards her and start to scream. New girl sits in the hall, visibly upset. Two student come over and hug her strongly while dragon disappears.

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  • 4:30 A GWHS Story

    What happens when two people from rival cliques start to date each other.

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  • 4:12 The Final Dance

    A group of teenagers, rehearse for a dance show / They argue in rehearsals / The day before the performance. One of the teenagers has an accident playing basketball / Despite the accident, the show is a success

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